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Ayala is a clinical stage precision oncology company dedicated to developing targeted therapies for genomically defined, clinically underserved cancers.

We look to target rare and unique cancers, in which the Notch activation pathway has been dysregulated. Notch is a proven oncogenic driver in defined cancers. Our focus is on inhibiting the Notch activating pathway with potentially best in class gamma secretase inhibitors (GSIs).

In 2017, we entered into an exclusive worldwide license agreement with Bristol-Myers Squibb for their gamma secretase inhibitors in development for the potential treatment of cancers with altered Notch genes.

Our lead product, AL101, has completed preclinical and phase 1 studies. A phase 2 study (ACCURACY) for AL101 in patients with adenoid cystic carcinoma (ACC) bearing activated Notch mutations has been initiated.

We aim to match the right patient to the right drug, and hope to achieve the promise of precision oncology: deliver better clinical outcomes and greater benefits for patients, caregivers and healthcare providers.

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AL101 clinical trial

Our mission

At Ayala, we are focused on developing best in class targeted therapies for cancer patients with an activated Notch pathway. We target genomically-defined, clinically underserved cancers where we can have the most impact.

We are guided by strongly held values:


Improve outcomes in patients with underserved cancers


Be compassionate to the patients we serve


To consistently be open, honest, and ethical in all our endeavors


To efficiently bring innovative products to market for the benefit of our patients and shareholders

Our people