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Molecular testing and genomic sequencing have revolutionized our ability to detect oncogenic drivers – activated gene
alterations that drive normal healthy cells to become cancerous.

In contrast to the traditional one-strategy-fits-all approach to disease treatment and prevention,
which targets a hypothetical “average” patient, the emerging approach of precision oncology strives to
develop pinpoint strategies for each and every person’s genomically defined tumor.

Targeted therapies are one of the “scalpels” with which precision medicine operates, and a major focus of current anticancer drug development. Known also as molecularly targeted therapies, these are drugs that interfere with specific molecules to block the growth and progression of tumors.

Targeted therapies have the potential to be more accurate than traditional cancer therapies, while also having better tolerability profiles and a better risk-benefit ratio for patients.

 Precision oncology glossary

Precision oncology
Targeted therapy
Companion diagnostic
Next generation sequencing
Oncogenic driver
Molecular testing

Ayala has set out to target each person’s tumor at the source, paying special attention to cancers for which no approved drug exists.